We’re a dynamic, fast-paced biopharmaceutical company, driven by purposeful curiosity and a willingness to do things that haven’t been done before.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Intercept started as a vision in our founder’s small New York City apartment, and we’ve never lost our entrepreneurial spirit. We’re now a more than 300-person team with a proven commercial track record – with one successfully-marketed product and investigational therapies in development as we solve today’s most complex medical challenges.

Collaborative Leadership

As a team, we deliver on our commitment to patients through true collaboration and partnership both internally and externally. Our size, agility and resiliency foster an environment that celebrates in self-motivated leaders at every level who want to make their mark. We encourage and invest in each of our team members as they define their own career path.

Embrace Individuality

Great teams are made of individuals with different perspectives. Our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion fosters an environment that welcomes, respects and values all team members for who they are and what they contribute to our mission.

Innovative Community

Our headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey add to the state’s century-long legacy of advancement in life sciences – joining over 3,200 companies, world-class research universities, medical schools, and some of the best hospitals in the country.