We’re a dynamic, fast-paced biopharmaceutical company, where everyone has the ability to make a significant impact.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Intercept started as a vision in our founder’s small New York City apartment, and we’ve never lost our entrepreneurial spirit.

Nimble and dynamic environment

Intercept provides employees with the unique opportunity to be part of a nimble company that also has a proven commercial track record, with one successfully-marketed product and a second indication on the horizon.

Passionate, present and accessible leaders

From small group lunch-and-learns to one-on-one meetings, our executives are invested in our employees’ success and professional development. Our size and agility foster an environment that celebrates self-motivated leaders at every level who want to make their mark.

Revitalized, desirable locations

It all started in New York City, and our U.S. headquarters remain in the heart of NYC’s burgeoning biotech scene.

Our headquarters are conveniently located in Hudson Yards, the city’s next great neighborhood.

Other major offices are also located in dynamic locations, including the biotech hub of San Diego, as well as London’s bustling Kings Cross neighborhood.

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